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Our work with scores of schools and hundreds of candidates over the past decade-plus gives us a broad, independent perspective on education, leadership, and recruitment strategy.

Great leaders come in many shapes and sizes, and each school is special in its own way. We bring a fresh, unbiased viewpoint to every assignment that is independent from a particular philosophy or pedagogy.

Our practice is rooted in industry experience and the particular needs of each client. We are committed to finding the right fit for every school, and we also believe that every leader can improve with focused effort and the right support.

Chief Executive Searches

Best-in-Class Service

We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to our work. We know that schools vary widely in their values, resources, circumstances, and missions. We embrace this diversity and enjoy the challenge of tailoring each transition plan to fit the needs of each client. We are also sensitive to the range of backgrounds, leadership styles, and motivations that candidates bring to every search. Our independent perspective helps us facilitate better matches between institutions and their future leaders.

Senior Administrative Searches

Insight & Flexibility

When it comes to senior administrative searches, we know that flexibility is essential. We are committed to finding the best approach for each client given the culture of the school, the talent forecast, transition dynamics, and the preferences of the school's leader. We have experience with a range of alternative timelines and processes – particularly when it comes to division head and other senior administrative searches. We can help you execute an accelerated, confidential search, an inclusive, multi-year succession plan, or anything in between.

Executive Coaching

Wisdom & Action

For school leaders, whether your goal is to transition to a new position or improve your performance in your current role, we can help you maximize your potential and find new levels of focus and confidence. Both thoughts and feelings are critical to understanding the root causes of behaviors and forging new habits. We build trust with every client and help them develop a holistic, systematic plan for sustainable personal and professional growth.

Our Toolkit

A Search Firm for the Curious

At Butler/White we are intensely curious - about schools, about candidates, about leadership, about process, about outcomes, about the future. We approach every assignment as an opportunity to teach and to learn. Our partners are often surprised by the range and depth of our work. Trustees borrow our techniques for use in their companies; appointees rely on our position profiles to help them plan their first year; communications teams borrow our language to help market their schools.

Every assignment is unique, but here are a few of the tools and deliverables that we bring to our work:

Expert Guidance on Search Committee Composition + Leadership

In-Depth Discovery Conversations with School Stakeholders

Community Input Surveys + Executive Summaries

Anti-Bias Coaching for Search Committees

Dynamic, Nuanced Position Profiles

Compensation Benchmarking + Research

Talented, Diverse Candidate Pools

Polished, Organized Candidate Credential Packets (Print + Digital)

Communication Strategy Documents + Templates

Interviewer Training + Recommended Questions

Quantitative and Qualitative Feedback for Finalist Candidates

Structured Screening Interviews

Extensive, 360-Degree Reference Reports Executed by Jo + Zach

Standardized Leadership Assessments

Support for Interview Scheduling & Logistics

Thoughtful Candidate Management

Transition Planning Support

100-Day Visit to Evaluate the Appointee's First Semester

Flat-Fee Pricing + Budget Flexibility

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